Fenton Court            - Fenton Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8ND

Food and drinks menus 
Here at Playful Cafe the quality of the food is of paramount importance. As caterers with many years of experience we pride ourselves on serving delicious home cooked and healthy fare.

Our ingredients are sourced locally and we use free range and
organic when we can.

We believe that all children should be able to have 
the opportunity to experience the same food as the adults 
so you won't find here a separate
 kids menu consisting of 'chips and nuggets' and the rest.

Instead most of dishes can be child portioned 
and we take care not to
add any salt to our soups, sauces and fresh pasta.

And if you want something not on our current menu, just ask and we will see what we can do!

KIds menu 01.01.17.pdf (PDF — 371 KB)


Cafe Menu 2017.pdf (PDF — 937 KB)
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